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NFL Ape Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The NFL Ape Club is a group of Fat Ape Inspired apes with a NFL twist having only 32 in the collection each one is very rare. All 32 are the starting quarterback of each team. You can find your team and your quarterback! All will be priced under 0. 09 ETH and I can’t wait for Decemeber 1st! You can already look at some of the available NFTs currently. All we really want to do is provide a good looking, for you profile picture?? NFT that will go up in value and another one of our goals is to make money sadly thats why we are priced sort of high at all under 0. 09 ETH we hope you can afford this! some will be priced lower than the rest and some will be priced higher. We hope you have a good day!! Love you all.

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