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Mythos Universe

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Mythos Universe is a collection of 10k NFTs, 15 known gods and mythological creatures, and 9,985 randomly generated collectible NFTs that grants the person who possesses them the ability to transform into a variant of the 15 when they pass through the Mythos Portal. Once you are on the other side, the adventure begins. Benefits of having a MythoThe project is built on 4 funds, with the result of each transaction distributed to everyone during and after the sales process. Once the entire collection is sold, each holder can constantly claim a portion of the success for themselves based on the number of Mythos in their wallet. The Team Fund ensures that the project grows hand in hand with community support. You will enjoy the benefits available to you exclusively on the website and metaverse. Each of the owners has identified local and international solidarity projects they would like to support. When the first 25% goal is reached, the first is shared.

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