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Mypunks Free Mint

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

MYPUNKS is Ethereum’s first customizable Punks project aiming at bringing you the ability to truly represent who you are and how you identify into the digital realm. You will never get bored with this gamified customizable NFT model. Customization: There are two NFTs in our ecosystem; Faces and Items. Items are equipped to Faces through our app and will be visible on your MYPUNKS Face not only in our app but also on OpenSea. There are seven Item categories; Top, skin, eyes, mouth, background, neck and ear. Staking: Holders can stake their Face+Item combo. Each item and face has a rarity tag. The higher the total rarity score of the staked face+item combo the faster your ROI. Staking rewards will be paid out in our $PUNKS token which can be redeemed for either another Face or Item and will be used as the DAO utility token.Social-Fi: The NFT with Multiple IdentitiesWith the customizability, you will be able to create multiple identities within one MYPUNKS NFT. Imagine a “cowboy hat or a “golden necklace being an entry pass to different exclusive communities. A Face with seven Items will be able to hold seven identities at a time. We will build a tool that allows you to create your own exclusive communities and use that in the later social-fi project.You must be whitelisted to participate in the free mint.

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