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My dark twisted fantasy open edition by DotPigeon

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

DotPigeon is releasing 5-minute open editions on the 6th of March. DotPigeon is an artist from Italy represented by @planxartgallery. His works are completely digital with a non-digital approach. “In my works houses represent the shell, the exterior part. Our better face, the well-ironed dress, the one we show to others. It is in these so perfect scenarios that our true nature – hidden and repressed – lives. We all have a rioter inside those walls” – says the artist. The collection by DotPigeon features a unique dynamic of associating the pieces with his physical art show. It also utilizes iconic artworks that have been already featured on Nifty Gateway. Keep in mind that the winning bidder will bring home both the NFT and the physical corresponding artwork right after the solo show ends.

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