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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Introducing muzeta, a cryptic fantasy land, displaying original creation.The birth of this virtual experience will occur through unlocking mystical goalposts.muzeta will first be premiered with an exclusive collection,containing only 18 original artworks, in three dimensional swaying motion.18 unique NFTs, double as original physical art works, hand painted by queen art. Each having distinctive oil on canvas strokes and conceptual themes.What makes them truly significant, is that they inspire the themed digital portals within the muzeta, in the metaverse. Where art lovers are invited to explore.As we begin unlocking our roadmap, the original holders, also known as the elites of the muzeta, will ultimately gain; the premium membership pass for digital doors within the muzeta, an avatar from our upcoming humart collection, and will always be first to benefit from community perks and offerings as muzetas community and merchandise grows.muzeta will be a fantasy experience for all its members and community. Join us to enter infinity.

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