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Muddled Beasts

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Get ready for a stampede. 10,000 muddled, colorfully mixed NFT beasts are coming to OpenSea on February 22 at 12:02 am ET.Muddled means jumbled, disordered or disarrayed.So that’s what we’ve done. We’ve muddled our barnyard animals into exciting new beasts. Each Muddled Beast is comprised of 8 traits: top (hair and ears), head, eyes, mouth, torso, limbs, tails and background. Collect and corral your beasts and keep track of their traits. The more traits you have of a single animal, the better.Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to unmuddle your beasts and bring them back to their original form: a monkey, an elephant, a gull and so on. Those are the most rare of theMuddledBeasts genesis collection and there will beonlyone unmuddled beast per background (15 animals, 10 backgrounds). But first, build your own barnyard of Muddled Beasts and enjoy. Each is (very) unique and is totally yours.Join us on the Muddle Beasts Discord and be a part of the Muddled Community. We welcome positive opinions, comments, ideas, jokes and sharing of your Muddled Beasts. Give your Beast a name. Be creative. Give us your Wallet ID and we’ll give you access to our private Whitelist Muddles channel. But if not, this is a no purchase necessary kind of deal, so if you don’t want to mint a Muddled Beast jus yet, that’s fine. Come in and add your voice to the herd.

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