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Moody Dumboz

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Moody Dumboz Club — Cash, Car and more!Moody Dumboz Club is a collection of 8900 unique, algorithmically generated Timeless Dumboz, uniting cash & car fanatics from all over the world. Buy, sell and trade your moody dumboz with others. A chance to win $75,000 for a new car and many other giveaways back to our community.Phase 1– 25% mintedAt 25% minted two lucky Moody Dumboz owners will each receive ETH equivalent to $10,000 to their address.PHASE 2–50% mintedAt 50% minted, we will donate $25,000 to a charity and help save elephants around the world. and give away $25,000 to one lucky Dumbo.PHASE 3–75% mintedAt 75% minted, we will airdrop some of our NFTs to 10 random owners.PHASE 4At 100% minted, one lucky Dumbo will win a car valued up to $75,000.

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