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Modern Sphynx

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Modern Sphynx is a NFT project about a cat that lives on the Solana blockchain. Each Sphynx is unique and has been created from over 150 possible traits.Roadmap:- Project launchWe launch the first NFT collection consisting of 555 arts and including more than 150 unique hand drawn components. Public mint.- Pre-whitelistEach of the holders who owns at least 2 NFTs of the first collection is automatically whitelisted for the next collection.- Website launchWe create a website full of interesting functions for the community’s convenience.- Modern Universe developmentEvery collection is unique and connected with the Modern Universe. Learn more about Modern Sphynx story through the comics! Help Agrogg by influencing his choices. But take it serious! Every choice has consequences that could change the whole project’s destiny.- Member-only paymentWe launch a cross functional currency which allows the holders to use unique opportunities related to their NFTs.- Q&A voice callsWe are trying to create the best Solana community. For this to be possible we need your honest feedback: share your ideas with us, join discussions or just chat with our team. Every member is highly important for us. And who knows, maybe you are the one who will shape the project development!- Mobile gameYour favorite character is now in your mobile! Sounds cool, right?!

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