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Milktoast Giveaway

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

The final Gen 1 drop is coming, to celebrate we’re giving away a Gen 1 #Milktoast #NFT, Monkey MilktoastMilktoast Release 3 will be listed for 4SOL each. To qualify: follow@milktoastnftretweet & tag 3 friends say hi in our discord, include your Twitter handle https://discord. com/invite/qnrcmnhj7m…#SolanaNFTs #NFTGiveawayEntries for the competition will close on the 5th of November 9 pm AEDT. Join our competition to win one of the scarce supplies of MLK #NFTs. There will only ever be 222 Gen 1 Milktoast NFTs, be part of our origin story!Good Luck!

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