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Metelite Met’s ®

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The metaverse will be a big part of our future life. METELITE Club ® is not just another NFT project, but a company that looks to the future by focusing on long-term benefits for their community.METELITE is on a mission to create exclusive and elite luxury products in our new future digital world, starting with a collection of 7,777 unique MET characters across the Ethereum blockchain.How cool would it be to wear a nice watch to a meeting in the metaverse?All MET’s are handcrafted from scratch and designed with pure craftsmanship, passion and detail. These items play a big role in our first steps towards the wearable products in the metaverse.Every MET member automatically gets a METELITE familycard which gives free access to great private events, huge discounts on future products and many more.Join the elite metaverse movement today.

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