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Metaverse HeadCity

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Collect, trade, and stake your city blocks to earn the $HeadCoin utility token.A collection of 10,000 unique city blocks make up the Metaverse HeadCity on the Ethereum blockchain. Each city block is unique – populated with residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and is represented by an ERC-1155 non-fungible token. As an NFT, there will only be one of each city block minted, as they are nearly impossible to replicate.So, where to start: Get Membership PassThe HeadCity Membership Pass is your key to accessing values as a member of the Headcity Metaverse. You can become part of the The MASCC ecosystem. To become part of the ecosystem, you can get amembership pass. Piece of landAll members of the club get a piece of land for free. Build a building on your piece of landMembership Pass – gives you the right to purchase residential, industrial and commercial blocks at a reduced price equal to 10% of their market value.One wallet – Discount only on one City Block/Building Membership gives you an increase of$HeadCoinin your Hood. Owning of Metaverse HeadCity property, HeadCoin is saved up on your Hood, which you can spend on Building your own enterprises, protecting your Buildings and attacking neighbors. Other utilities, such as luxury items, will also be available to you.

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