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Metaverse Chess Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The First Metaverse Chess NFT Ever Created will be here on 22/02/2022.We expand the chess society past the boundaries of reality, revolutionizing the oldest strategy game by using the newest technological innovation.Created for people who master, play, learn or just enjoy watching chess games. The first Metaverse-ready Chess NFT will provide utility in numerous chess-related use-cases, from Web 3.0 applications to in-person training.What you will get right now:-Unique Chess Pieces: Take your unique, personalized chess sets and use them in the Chess Metaverse- Exclusive Access to Grand Masters: Play and get trained by the best chess players in the world.- Metaverse Chess Community: Stay up to date and participate to the most popular Metaverse Chess live events.Project RoadmapThe roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.- AUGUST 2021Project Concept: Start of the GambitChessNFT concept and team founding- JANUARY 2022First Chess NFT Set: Creation and upload of the first Early Adopter Chess NFT sets on OpenSea platformInitial Whitelist NFT Giveaway: Exceptional drop to our early supporters- FEBRUARY 2022Whitepaper release- 22 FEBRUARY 2022ETH-based Minting for the Main Collection: Launch of 10k chess pieces NFTs with multiple rarities and exclusive trackable traits- 30 FEBRUARY 2022Collaboration and Partnership: Announcement of mass collaboration with widely known chess celebrities (streamrs, GMs and super GMs)- MAY 2022Web 3.0 Integration: Provide utility by allowing owners to play with their NFTs on the biggest chess platform.- 1 SEPTEMBER 2022Official opening day on the Metaverse

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