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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Metaswim is a revolutionary NFT project in collaboration with the association Wings of the Ocean based on the blockchain Polygon.You will have the opportunity to buy one or more NFTs from our collection of endangered marine animals to fully enter our concept.3 different sea animals will be available as PixelArt (Dolphin, Shark, Orca). Our NFTs are called Calypso.The principle of Metaswim can be summed up in 5 key points:- 40%* of the purchase on the primary market of your Calypso is donated to our partner association Wings of the Ocean- A unique voting system for holders of a Calypso Opportunity to win one of the 3 Poseidon NFTs collectors created by the owners of Calypso by a innovative and speculative voting system- A unique financial concept to promote active circulation of Calypso according to your strategy- A chance to win a unique incredible trip of one week to swim with dolphin

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