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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaSweepersWebsite: https://metasweepers.io/Price: 0.66 SOLWhat is a MetaSweeper?MetaSweepers is an NFT collection of 3,333 uniquely generated and quasi-deflationary sweepers on the Solana Blockchain. Ownership of a MetaSweeper gives you access to an exclusive cross-chain alpha community, membership to the MetaSweepers DAO with a treasury of 694.20 SOL and heaps of utility including routine treasury distributions to holders.Value and utility gained from owning a MetaSweeperThe art: The artwork constitutes months of hard work to build a brand, with the highest quality pixel art of its genre on Solana. There are 14 main trait categories and 170 “sub-trait categories, including 21 1/1s and a diversity of genders and skins with varying rarities.Alpha incubation: The project is purposely designed and structured to create an exclusive and efficient alpha community to discuss projects on Solana, as well as cross-chain conversations, including on ETH and NEAR projects. MetaSweepers holders will make better informed decisions on NFTs, increasing their likelihood to make profits on their own investments. Stand-out contributors will be rewarded with SOL from a 10% reserve of the treasury and we will seek out and give away whitelists to holders.Lore: The team will have dedicated Lore masters and will integrate development of the lore with the actions of and input from the MetaSweepers DAO. Rather than being static, the lore will grow with the active community it is based on.MetaSweepers DAO Treasury: Owning a MetaSweeper will give you membership to the MetaSweepers DAO, where you will be able to discuss and vote on DAO proposals. The MetaSweepers DAO will have a DAO Treasury of 694.20 SOL proportional to the mint being sold out and the treasury will grow as the 50% of secondary royalties will go back into the treasury and the funds will be staked and reinvested into NFTs voted on by the DAO for resale and profit.Treasury distributions to holders (Hold-to-Earn): Through a hold-to-earn mechanism, MetaSweepers holders that qualify holding their MetaSweeper during 90% of a treasury distribution period will receive a SOL distribution from 10% of the available treasury at the time of the profit distribution date.The Big Sweeper (Floor buy-back mechanism): If a MetaSweeper is listed below 50% of the mint price for a MetaSweeper for a continuous period of 48 hours, we will buy the NFT back using liquid funds from the treasury in an effort to stabilise the floor price. The bought-back MetaSweeper may be burned, resulting in a quasi-deflationary collection with a reduced supply and increased value per MetaSweeper over time.Income generation streams and dynamic adaption: The team will consider additional methods of generating income to grow the MetaSweepers DAO Treasury and provide value to holders. Some examples of additional utility include providing exclusive workshops with advisory professionals, hosting speakers, including breeding and mutation mechanics, a merchandise store, and launching a subsequent project on NEAR with airdrops for holders, each subject to DAO preference and approval.How do I get on the whitelist or Discord access?At this current stage, access to our exclusive Discord will equate to being on the whitelist. Our Discord will be made available to high quality individuals that we are seeking to be part of the MetaSweepers journey. Showcasing your alpha knowledge, talents and artistry are some of the ways you may catch our attention and receive a special invitation to MetaSweepers.‍To learn more about MetaSweepers, please consult our Whitepaper (the Sweepaper) and Roadmap as well as any relevant legal disclaimers.

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