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MetaLife Casino

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

About the NFTsAll MetaLife Casino NFTs are unique, purely handmade art pieces of a recognized artist. Our goal is to show that there can be high quality art pieces also on the NFT market, which represent the companies and communities that stand behind them. Their uniqueness and appearance was not generated by an algorithm. Contrary to other NFTs, their uniqueness is based not only on different colorings or on other tiny differences, but also on the artists working hard for months to shape the details, so all pieces of the collection are 100% different and unique. They are not substitutable, and cannot be exchanged with each other. Each NFT is like a ticket, you only need to buy it once, and then, as its owner, you will receive a share of MetaLife Casino’s profit as long as it is in your possession.About the projectMetaLife Casino is an artistic NFT which continuously generates passive income to its owner. This is a great investment possibility for those who have ever wanted to be the owner of a casino but they could not afford it. Our patent is under registration which will reform the online casino industry. Based on that invention, MetaLife Casino will introduce new prize games, firstly a three-dimensional scratch card.This is not a usual scratch card game. This is the one and only game in the world, in which players scratch not a simple card, but a lifelike three-dimensional model which has to be made undressed this way.Our 3D models are prepared with laser scanning and they appear totally realistically in our application downloadable to mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.EHRMetaLife Casino NFT is a possibility provided on blockchain that its owners join the new world of DeFi Gambling and for less than the thousandth of the necessary investment amount, they can be a part of the online scratch card business. It is not only the continuously increasing value of the NFT that gains profit, but we apportion 15% of the profit of the scratch cards as well among the owners. The share will be distributed among all holders based on the number of their NFTs. The EHR can be cumulated; it means that if you buy more NFTs, then you can get a bigger profit share. Your money will be transferred on a quarterly basis.We mint only 1010 MetaLife Casino NFTs to achieve our goals and issue our first series of scratch cards. Ownership is certified by the Ethereum blockchain, which is based on the ERC-721 standard.Remark: We are withholding 10 MetaLife Casino NFTs from sale. We will use these for marketing and gifting.

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