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Metalazy Society

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Metalazy Society are hand drawn, computer generated collectible of 6500 diverse hominids , using Computer Generation to create 6500 unique hominids, with up to 144 traits, using an erc-721 contract and living on the eth blockchain.10%2.5 ETH distributed between 10 discord giveaway winners.10 Metalazy NFTs will be given out to 10 random holders.Re-investing funds from pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint.25%2 ETH distributed between 5 winners from our pinned twitter status.Airdrop 20 NFTs to top 10 most engaged members in our discord community.Ramp up marketing efforts.50%5 ETH will be given away to 5 lucky Metalazy holders. 1 ETH for each winner.Creation of community wallet.Top up community wallet with 5 ETH.75%10 Metalazy NFTs for 5 lucky winners from holders.we donate $10.000 to a charitable organization. The choice for this will be entirely up to the members of Metalazy society.100%Creation of private channel on discord for holders only.Mega 10 ETH giveaway to 3 randomly selected holders.5 ETH loaded into community wallet.Every holder will receive 1 NFT each from our next project (Metalady) which will be announced to holders only in our discord.We buy Land in MetaVerse (Sandbox Game) and build Metalazy Society on it.

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