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Mega Man vs Big Tobz

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Bitboolls NFT fights – Round 1 OFFICIALLY STARTEDMEGAMAN VS BIG TOBZ** GET YOUR NFT NOW: https://mvb. bitbooll. io/Fighters info:**MEGAMAN** – the World’s Smartest man, with an IQ of over 500. Character skills and story: https://bitbooll. io/nftfights/team/mega-man/Represented in real life by https://www. instagram. com/officialsosolid/ the famous Megaman from **So Solid Crew** with fans all around the world. **Big Tobz** – One of the 4 founding members of The Syndicate, who has the ability to drastically increase his size, and in so doing his strength, agility, reflexes, and speed! Character skills and story: https://bitbooll. io/nftfights/team/big-tobz/Represented in real life by the London-based Hip Hop artist and writer Big Tobz – https://www. instagram. com/bigtobzsf/ with over **177k followers and fans behind him**. The NFT Fight information: Fight between 2 unique characters each **represented in real life by known public figures and influencers** Each of the two characters will have **2500 unique NFTs** on the Ethereum blockchain – 5000 NFTs in total. Each NFT gives you a **free pass** to the exclusive comic created by Jason Barrett – **The Age of Heroes & Villains****25 ETH in prizes** randomly distributed once all 5000 fight NFTs are minted!**Minting:** price 0. 025 ETH OR buy **KUDAN COINS** worth 0. 2 BNB and get your **NFT for free!**The most randomly minted **Hero WINS**!! **Choose your hero! Mint NFTs using ETH or KUDAN coins! Fight till the end and win prizes!**

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