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Meditative Monuments by Zach Corzine x Slenderbodies

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Multidisciplinary designer and director Zach Darren Corzine teamed up with music band Slenderbodies for an NFT Collection. On June 17th, Zach Corzine and Slenderbodies drop ‘Meditative Monuments’ on Nifty Gateway. Zach is always with an open heart for experimentation and exploration. Besides commercial projects, he also works on passion projects as he feels that they expand his personal craft and skill set. Slenderbodies is a musical and artistic project of Ben Barsocchini and Aram ‘Max’ Vehuni. Masterfully delicate guitar riffs and falsetto vocals make their sound unique! ‘Meditative Monuments’ NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway will feature three pieces “procedurally generated from each Slenderbodies track”. The visuals by Zach Corzine are in complete harmony with the sound by Slenderbodies. “The music is infinitely loopable and contains organic textures such as guitars, rubber bands, and various outdoor ambiances that are manipulated and molded digitally. They aim to capture a serene joyousness and are full enough dynamically to interact in a meaningful way with the rendered environment of each monument” – writes Zach Corzine. Mark your calendars for June 17th not to miss an amazing drop!

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