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mediocre babbits

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Frenglish (there’s a French and English version of each NFT) babbits with art backgrounds from Mithras Farm. Bilingual bunny lovers and vocabulary enthusiasts unite!A spiral notebook displays backgrounds from offline art posters for your security. Each unique background is coded with an adjective and displayed in either French or English. Each unique babbit is numbered. Art motifs are from complex offline posters so forgeries are impossible and mediocre babbits can only be minted at Mithras Farm. Each nft is a one-of-a-kind treasure.Naming format: #_langcode_backgroundcode. For example, 18_FR_cold refers to the dix-huit bapins froids nft and 18_EN_cold refers to the 18 cold babbits nft.Prime numbered nfts come with a download link to the 2022 mediocre babbits release poster from Mithras Farm.For more information about mediocre babbits or Mithras Farm, visithttps://mithras.farm

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