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Mattern Verse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Mattern Verse is a project with great ambitions and is created by people who have drive to change the whole world and adapt to the future!We have great plans for the future and we’re very hyped for what’s to come. In the future our project will be more than just art. Mattern Verses own marketplace a whole economy driven with our soon to come blockchain! There are also other suprises such as a play to earn game, our own currency, real life benefits and so much more!So how did Mattern Verse come to be?Well it all started when the founder Firmament and her brother started sketching on characters as a joke, eventually they came up with characters called Mantis. The Mantis are infamous among the people of their galaxy, but inside of all the anger and miserry lies a nice soul with a kind heart… they want nothing more than to come back to there planet Seathea. The Mantis were exiled by the evil king Sithus hundreds of years ago.Did You know?We’re also planning on not only making the things listed above but also to make a comic book to show people how it is to live in the wild Galaxy of CB 45We at Mattern Verse are going to work our asses of to turn this into something more than just a nft project, we’re going to make this a world known and respected association#MANTISFAM

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