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Matrioska Mint

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Matrioska is a new NFT project featuring the work of Italian artist Mémé Zuca, a collection of generative art crafted from a huge selection of hand-drawn traits, pushing the boundaries of NFTs by working with complex body types, poses and detailed design. Mémé works with psychedelic colours and patterning to create a unique and surrealist vibe in this collection.Matrioska is building state-of-the-art physical infrastructure to provide an alternative hosting service for Web3 data and projects. Matrioska holders will take a share of the profits that the service generates, will have premium access to our services, and will be guaranteed indefinite digital hosting for their NFT digital files. Matrioska is launching a community Ethereum node using this infrastructure, which Matrioska holders will be able to join and will share in the operator rewards.The Matrioska community is founded on the principles of art, education and decentralization. We value art, freedom, democracy, direct action, mutual aid, rural living, good food, the earth, sincerity and life. We will never knock anyone down or take advantage of others and we expect the community to hold the same ethos. There will be no scams, no gimmicks, no cash grab, no false promises.Minting on August the 8th 2022 on Ethereum and distributing real-world revenue to stakers — You don’t want to miss this one!

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