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Masked Workers by Mr.Misang

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On July 2nd, Korean digital artist Mr. Misang drops his debut NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway. Ju Yong Lee aka Mr. Misang creates artworks in a unique pop style. The main topic of his illustrations and animations is South Korean contemporary and consumer society. ‘Masked Workers’ NFT Collection features an Edition of 1, titled ‘Masked Workers’, priced at $150,000. 00. Besides, Mr. Misang drops ‘Masked Workers’ Pack Drawings with 24 NFTs. The pack will be available for 30 minutes. Pack price is $1000. 00 / pack. The first to collect all 24 unique nifties wins ‘Masked Workers’ NFT!’Modern Life is Rubbish’ is shown and spotlights the world where it’s full of ironies and dilemmas with 12 artworks. This work is about the people who live in it. Ready to be part of the world?” – the artist comments on his NFT Collection. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss Mr. Misang’s debut on Nifty Gateway!

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