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Masked Robots

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Lets meet 999 collection of NFT robots who are almost exclusively available on opensea. They are highly updated robots who represent a brand called Dark Masked.Dark represents that everybody in the world has a dark side.And Masked means that people try to be what they are not and possess dual nature.Basically the robots are here to encourage the people who have somehow lost the will to walk and have lost their limbs and they think that it is their dark side. These robots makes a person confident about him/herself that losing a feet is not a hurdle to live a life in perfect way. They also discourage those who are dual natured and hide their evil side by being warm outside.Nowadays every person has somehow been betrayed by people who show themselves as friends but are not really good inside and are intended to harm people.Grab a robot from our collection and spread hope to the people who cannot walk and have lost their limbs. Be a part of dark masked and help people forget about their dark side and come back towards life.

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