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Marine Krakens

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Marine Krakens is a collection of exclusive 8888 NFTs – unique digital collectibles. It was created with over 120 hand-drawn unique traits and attributes that were run through an algorithm to ensure each NFT has its own rarity level and properties. Krakens Proof-of-ownership stored on ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token on Polygon Blockchain. Polygon is a climate sustainable Blockchain that is over 99% percent more carbon-efficient than Ethereum (edited) Plastic pollution, oil leaks, face masks, other garbage and global warming destroyed Krakens habitat and they had to leave. It’s time to protect the Ocean! We know it takes a lot to Preserve Oceans, so we want to make a contribution together with our community from all over the world. Marine Krakens NFT project aims to support Ocean Preservation Charities with reoccurring donations to keep oceans suitable for our Krakens and other creatures.- Marine Krakens will be released gradually in 5 steps with a floor price increase to reward OG holders, raise project value and increase donations amounts. Received funds will be divided between multiple categories: Charity, Crypto Staking(to provide Project Longevity and Ensure Continuous Charity Donations), Marketing and etc.- Donations will be made to Multiple Charities based on holders’ votes(DAO). Donations will continue and will grow in value even after collection sells out as part of received funds will be staked for consistent interest payouts. – Support will be provided to multiple Ocean Conservation real life and virtual projects, along with artists that are supporting Ocean Preservation(clean ocean). – Huge Giveaways and other perks for the holders. – Reoccurring Charity donations and support to MK members supporting Ocean Conservation will be secured by staking Crypto. 10% of interest and royalties will be re-staked to increase returns and provide broader opportunities for future contributions and project development. P.S. Less amount will be spent on Marketing, more will be staked for charity. You spreading the word could help save our ocean

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