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Mana Gigantus Play-To-Earn Hack and Slash MMORPG Game

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are excited to announce that the founders sale launch for Mana Gigantus will start from August 12th untill August 19th. We will have Land & Structure NFT’s for sale which, you will later find out, to have much much bigger benefits than what we can say for now. Mana Gigantus is a blockchain-based online MMO experience, with verified proof-of-ownership. This hack and slash game in the memories of series such as Torchlight. With every purchase, included (besides the untold benefits mentioned above) our early supporters will receive founding members’ exclusive in-game skills as well as emblems to have forever exclusive access to founders’ hall within the game. All of these, of course are NFT’s and can be traded. Claim your ownership of structures as lucrative real estate (NFT) and experience a new world of digital livelihoods. Our structures will sell in total 5250 Campgrounds, 530 Tents, 52 Adventurer’s Inn, and 5 Castles, and these will never come back in the game. This will be an ownership sale event on OpenSea, every purchase contains a unique 1/1 character, three types of weapons and an emblem to access the Founders’ Hall. UPCOMING STRUCTURE SALE INFOThe founding sale will last a maximum of 14 days, after this date we hope to be completely sold out, if not there will be a 2nd sale once the beta version of the game is available. Immediately after the initial sale is over, the new ERC-721 assets will be minted to the eligible addresses. The advantage is that this offers a great opportunity for early investors to get hold of more structure, because the next sale the cards will increase in price. Each structure represents a unique 1/1 character (in game avatar) with associated attributes / rarities, and 3 different weapons. The unique characters also comes with a property tile in Founders’ Hall Wall. In total there are 5837 structures. The Mana Gigantus team allocated 200 structures for promotional purposes, such as giveaways; another 100 structures are allocated for the team, which may also be used for giveaways in the future. In total, 5837 structures will be available for purchase during the Initial sale. Each structure contains (4 NFTs) 1 unique character and 1 structure (as 1 new NFT) and 3 weapons (as 3 NFTs)Mana Gigantus founders’ sale:– 1 Founders’ Campsite for 0. 03 ETH– 1 Founders’ Tent for 0. 08 ETH– 1 Founders’ Adventurer’s Inn for 2 ETH– 1 Founders’ Castle for 5 ETHSUPPLY– Mana Gigantus Structures: 5837 in total– Characters: 1 unique 1:1 character = 5837 in total– Different weapons: 78 types with a max supply of 225 = 17,511 in totalAugust 10th @ 12AM EDT (4AM UTC)– Initial Sales of 5837 Mana Gigantus Structures. August 30th @ 12AM EDT (4AM UTC)– Minting characters, there tile lands and the weaponsAugust 30th @ 12AM EDT (4AM UTC)– Demo game releaseFor more information, please visit our discord, the website is currently in the works. – Discord: https://discord. gg/TdGu7qG6

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