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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Collection of 450 commemorative designs of the deed of malvinas, on polygon network.Distributed in 6 stages.Diseño 100/100 argentoProtect for investors profit.Each tier will have different prices to make sure investors Profit and Floor.Prices 10-50: 0,007Prices 51-110: 0,009Prices 111-180: 0,01Prices 181-260: 0,03Prices 260-350: 0,04Prices 350-450: 0,051-10: Marketing.Road Map:Nov/2021: NFT modelingJan/2022:coleccion created at Opensea.April 2,2022: 1st mintage E(St 1)(50 tokens) theme: sunken RAF shipsMay 25-2022 2nd mint (60 tokens) Theme: IslandsJuly 09,2022 3rd mint (70 tokens) theme: Argentine aviation.Oct 10, 2022 4th mint (80 tokens) theme: Squads.Jan 10, 2022 5th mint(90 tokens) Theme: Team and strategies.April 02,2023 6th mint (st 6) (100 tokens) Theme: GeographyRaising the fag.In the 6 stage, holders of the 1th stage tokens will receive a free oneThey are not Cripto Punk or Bored Ape, but we want to conquer the NFT Community!

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