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Magpie Moguls

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

A 4444 Mischief of Magpies is coming to Solana, bringing with them incredible utility, airdrops, and much more to innovate the NFT space.Magpie Moguls is a generative art collection of 4444 characters, intended to be used as profile pictures or collected as artwork. Our project focuses on high quality art that the NFT community will love to display, and innovative utilities. Our collection will feature a companion app that allows our community to connect their wallet and grow their Magpies Nest. The more space available in a holders nest, the more room for airdrops. Airdrops will be rewarded uniquely to our holders and will not be all the same. We will also be launching our own token $NEST. Our token will be rewarded daily to our holders who use their Magpie Mogul as their Twitter profile picture, and we will verify this via image recognition. It will also be available on a DEX. Using our Token our holders will be able to expand the room in their nest, collect unique airdrops, and get ready for the launch of our companion collection. The airdrops in a holders nest will directly impact the rarity of the mate they get when we release the female collection. All of this is based on how Magpies in the real world behave.

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