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Magic Toto Baby

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Galasis is the 1st Impact NFT Platform for Social Good. Our first project Magic Toto Baby (MTB) will issue 2,888 unique magical NFTs with over 100 different traits on Solana. The Roadmap include 10 upcoming social-impact focus projects, including but not limited to Ocean conservation , Animal Abandonment , Poverty, Gender Equality and more. DAO (Digital Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be established for each project. The team will work with various Impact Organization, NGOs and Social Enterprise to build a community, including build 3D models for metaverse and investing in Crypto Assets. 20% of the primary sales will go back to the DAO Fund and managed by the DAO treasury. At least 5% of the fund will directly go to a charity or impact organisation selected by DAO members. You get more than a piece of amazing artwork by our creators, but also a strong community committed to build a better world, a vote to change the form of organisation to maximise what we can do. Future Perks including Royalties, WL quota for the next Galasis Project, Online & Offline Events and Voting & Management right in the DAO. Join us by being the owner of MTB!

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