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Machine Hallucinations: Mars Landscapes by Refik Anadol

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

One of the most successful AI artists in the world, Refik Anadol is coming back to Nifty Gateway with a new collection. Titled ‘Machine Hallucinations: Mars Landscapes’, it will drop on May 5th. The collection will feature 7 AI Data Paintings (each limited edition) coming with Infinite Objects, 3 Video Data Sculptures, and 1 Robotic CNC Milled Data Sculpture that will be auctioned off. By the way, each piece will come with a physical pairing! Refik Anadol is a pioneer in the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence. His artworks are at the intersection of humans and machines. Through his creations, Refik offers radical visualizations of our digitized memories and expands the possibilities of architecture, narrative, and the body in motion. Refik relies on AI technology to create his artworks, and the result is always breathtaking. His surreal and stunning creations are incredible and unique. Mark your calendars for May 5th not to miss when the ‘Machine Hallucinations: Mars Landscapes’ will go live!Machine Hallucinations : Mars Landscapes coming to @niftygateway 5th of May! 7 AI Data Paintings each limited editions and comes with @infiniteobjects ! 3 Video Sculptures and 1 Physical Data Sculpture for auctions! Super excited for current #nftcollectors to share one piece! pic. twitter. com/MrZjGzct4F— Refik Anadol (@refikanadol) May 3, 2021

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