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Lucky Tickat nft

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Description:LuckyTickatis an art collection of 5625 unique, randomly generated NFTs inspired by famous JapaneseManeki-Nekocombining art and utility.Each NFT gives you the chance to be part of a live weekly raffle to win amazing prizes. Each LKTKT is unique and programmatically generated from over 70 possible traits, including face, headwear, clothing, and more.We aim to be the best raffle community in the NFTspace,make holders happy, excited every week within good vibes.We are a community that helps other blue chip projects by sweeping floors to redistribute to our holdersUtility:Holding a LuckyTickatNFT allows you to participate to the weekly raffle(s). The more you own, the more chances to have to be selected forprizes :•Blue chips or trending NFTs(BAYC, MAYC, CLONE X, MURAKAMI FLOWERS, DOODLE, RTFKT, GOBLIN, AZUKI, OTHERSIDE, PXN, INVISIBLE FRIENDS…) •ETH giveaways •Travel vouchers All prizeswill be boughtwith the minting proceeds.90%will be redistributed in raffle to our community, which will have view access to liquidity with full transparency. With the proceeds, we will be able to do weekly raffles for 55 to 60 weeks. Secondary transactions (7.5%) may increase the duration or the number of raffle per week as more than 50% will be redistributed to the community.Raffle process:1.Buy the raffled NFT in live or before raffle 2.Live draw via Twitter / Instagram or Zoom to select winner(s) 3.Use random number generator to select winner(s) 4.Send it (nft, eth amount) in live to the winner(s) 5.We post and raid on twitter For each NFT you hold, you have 1/5625 chance to win. Legendary holders (limited to5NFTs) will have access to a second raffle per week with 1/5 chance to earn ETH.A weekly winner(s) means not everyone will win but the more NFTs in your collection, the more chances you have tobe picked.May the LuckyTickatbrings you chance andfortune.Legendary NFTs:There are five legendary animated NFTs in the collection. They will have access to a2ndraffle per week with 1/5 chance to earn ETH.Transparency:LuckyTickatis basedon Transparency, therefore:•Every holder will have view access to remaining liquidity •Holders will be able to vote •Participate to live session raffle / AMA. Roadmap:The roadmap is all about the weekly raffles. Once all minting proceedswill be redistributed, the LuckyTickatNFT will still have anutility:give a WL and preferred minting pricefor the second collection.Prizes:To list a few :

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