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Lucky Sol Cats

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

We are a lottery-based NFT project on the Solana Blockchain that will be having weekly lotteries and random airdrops. The prizes consist of SOL, famous SOL NFTs, and more for hodlers. We are also giving a large portion of our earnings to reach our goal of saving 500,000 cats within 2 years because we are cat lovers. We are trying our best to create a brand that actually provides cool/fun utility while thinking long-term about the sustainability of our project. We also plan to onboard more artists that are willing to give back to animals in need of help around the world by donating a portion of their profits from the NFTs they sell. We are also going to be creating a $MILK token and airdrop it to hodlers in which they can stake it and be airdropped free NFTs for our future sets while earning $MILK and even have the ability to use it to buy our NFTs. For these reasons, we are very involved with what our community wants, as we will continue to make more lottery projects with different and fun utilities.

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