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Lucky Maneki NFT Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Lucky Manekis are magical creatures that inhabit the legendary world of Luckeania. In that mystical domain, out of the energies of good fortune and prosperity, the first 40 Lucky Manekis were born. Also known as the Epic Manekis, they are truly a rare sighting. Over the centuries, Epic Manekis have developed as species and grew their population to 14,159. The descendants share the combined energies and lucky traits of the Epic Manekis but sometimes the lucky traits were inherited with fortuitous mutations that made them rarer than others. Recently, Manekis have discovered the NFT technology and asked our team to wrap them as NFTs and bring their powerful luck and good fortune to enterprising collectors…Continue Reading Story On Our Website. Launch Date To Be Announced Soon!

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