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Luchadores.io uses Chainlink VRF to generate random NFTs with on-chain art and metadata!

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Today, we are super excited to launch Luchadores. io alongside the use of Chainlink VRF to create NFT collectibles that are truly randomly generated at the time of purchase, with 100% of the art and metadata stored on the Ethereum blockchain. With a limited supply of only 10,000, yet featuring millions of possible rare attributes and colour combinations, you won’t want to miss adding your very own unique Luchador to your NFT collection, providing you with a provably rare 24×24 SVG image that scales to any size. The price of each luchador is paid in Ethereum and is tied to the value of 2 LINK. This is because we use the LINK to generate the random number which determines how your Luchador will look!

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