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Lost Socks: Public Mint

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

0.069 ETH mint priceERC721A- Optimized for efficient gas and mintingWhat’s included with your genesis Lost Sock:Stake to earn $THREAD tokenMint a Free VX NFT with $THREAD (1:1)Receive IRL Socks to your door ($50 value)Access to Sock World, Laundromat and P2E GameYour mint also goes towards supporting children’s charities (Kids Can & Shoes That Fit)Have you ever wondered where your missing socks have gone? It’s likely in Sock World.Lost Socks genesis collection is a 5000 hand-drawn and programmatically generated NFT project based on the Ethereum blockchain, with $THREAD token, upcoming Sock World built on The Sandbox, and extraordinary community. Each Lost Sock will be completely unique and different, with over 120 traits, and 12 legendaries available.These socks have re-emerged in the metaverse and come together to play. 1000 lefties and4000 righties are available to mint!As part of our Sock 4 Sock initiative, We will be making a donation to two children’s charities that will give children socks and shoes, listed on our website after we sell out. Head to our website to read our whitepaper and meet the team behind Lost Socks, and join our growing community on discord.

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