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Los malandros

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Year is 2122. The world? Chaos.+700 unique and futuristic Malandros are coming to the #ETH Blockchain to save the world from total obliteration. Each Malandro is carefully handmade in C4D and rendered at a glorious 2000×2000 res. All Malandros will be minted in a safe and custom smart contract in the ETH blockchain.‍Los Malandros is a sought-after Ethereum NFT collection with monthly releases of 25 exclusive and unique avatars and 15 collaborations with prominent guest artists from the NFT space.Collectors get access to the projects whitelist, giving them the opportunity to reserve pieces from upcoming drops at mint price (0.12 ETH).All holders will receive an immediate whitelist for generative collection, which will be available soon.With a floor price of 0.8 ETH (at the time of writing) and plenty of room for growth in the coming months, its a no-brainer that these collectibles would be a fantastic addition to any NFT collection.

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