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Los Hippos

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Others

Project Overview

We are happy to announce the launch of Los Hippos. Los Hippos is an NFT collection of 5555 photorealistic gangster hippos with 60% of royalties going to holders as passive income. Each hippo is created by a unique technique of image manipulation in which many different images are collected, combined and blended to create the final hippo. The Los Hippos collection is not only a visually striking PFP collection but each our the Los Hippos will be 3D rigged to roam their badass selves in the Metaverse. Each hippo belongs to one of 8 gangs, each with a leader. Los Hippos has a very exciting roadmap including The Badlands Metaverse Development, an upcoming comic book going into details of each gangs rich back story and current gang pursuits, a companion collection and a Tekken style 3D fighting game where each gang will be fighting it out. The Badlands are where the hippo gangsters roam. There are the Tuminello Family (Italian Mafia), The Mardin Grin (Bikers), Aces High Hustlers (Red Dead Gang), Black Brigade (Ex-Army), Scarlet Water Crew (Peaky Blinders), Dragonfly Syndicate (Yakuza), The Cardinals (Cyberpunks) & The Crimson Coyote (Mexican Cartel). Of all the hippos in The Badlands, these 8 crime gangs are the deadliest and most well-known.

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