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Loose Lips Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The Loose Lips Collection 1 features our take on the NFT and rarity. While the collection itself has a rarity scale we have also included implied rarity, while some features are more rare by default the combination of a perfectly matching Loose Lips Collection 1 NFTs are EXTREMELY RARE and it is even possible for them not to be generated that way. Dont let this rarity be the only driving factor in collecting Loose Lips, our intention is to reward long term holders through “Paired Rarity. Paired Rarity refers to the chance that a future collection will feature an NFT that holds some of the same attributes from the initial collection. This will create siblings from the initial collection As subsequent collections release they will help to create “Paired rarity when owning multiple one-of-a-kind nfts that pair well together across collections to increase its future value when paired. This means that values will change in future collections changing possible paired combinations!

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