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Living Tennis Balls

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A collection of 516 Living Tennis Balls living in PolygonCheck out our social medias for more information and giveaways!Proyect for investors profit Each tier will have distinctprices to make sure investor’s profit & floor !Prices 1-120 =0.006//Prices: 120-220 =0.009//Prices 220-320 =0.012//Prices 320-400 =0.014//Prices 400-445 =0.017//Prices 445-516 =MARKETINGROADMAP5/2/2022 Start creating my NFT models11/2/2022 Start setting up social medias19/2/2022 Finish creating my 516 NFT models17/2/2022 Create a collection at Opensea market19/2/2022 Uploading my 516 NFTs to the collection ✅21-22/3/2022 Mint this collection?? SEASON 2 (free nft for holders)

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