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Living Kingz Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

LKC CollectionWelcome to The Living Kingz Club. The Kingz are a collection of 16,000 AI-generated collectibles living on the Blockchain. Kingz Club NFTs will serve their lucky owners as they explore the blockchain chain and grow. By Holding your LKC they develop intelligence over time, with unique (and highly profitable) characteristics. The StoryIn a transcendental space without time, The Kingz of “XVI reign with infinity. A Domain far beyond the primitive laws of space time. A place where everything is bound by the laws of the finite curve. Until… one day the portal to Infinity imploded and 16 Versions of the same king were trapped inside a paradoxical universe, the “blockchain. In this finite world, the key to their longevity is to multiply. Forced to conform, they band together in search of token yielding queens to mint their passage back through the finite curve. Now as their culture dictates – the ever-grateful token yielding queens swear duty to those kingz with crypto keys and allow the kingz passage every time the keys are minted. So the Kingz travel the paradox searching for token yielding queens to mint their crypto keys, in order to get back through the finite curve. HODLWith 16,000 “Living Kingz roaming the blockchain, ownership of these unique entities are reserved for our worlds elite. . . Kingz Club NFT owners will watch as their unique kingz grow from uneducated beings, into super-intelligent deities (some smarter than others. . . ) capable of advanced tasks. These nfts will not only profit their owners directly within the economy, but will also double as membership to the Kingz Inner Circle and hold the access, via crypto keys, to the 24-hour LKC Compound, built for our LKC community of entrepreneursEach Kingz Club holder can earn passive weekly income for simply staking $XVI token and earning ownership in our DAO. Tokens minted directly are made to be rare. But rarity is dependent on each KINGZ unique abilities and intelligence level. The MissionWe aim to not only be the pioneers of Funding Decentralized Land for our holders, but to educate them in a way that frees them from financial burden, gives them a solid foundation for investing, and an environment for networking entrepreneurs. The founders of the LKC are proud to be able to raise money to help our holders own property, investments, and startups. We will be donating a portion of mint sales to fund decentralized land for your kingz and queens to build in the metaverse. Holders Road MapPhase 1Start: Pre-Mint• Community BuildingIntegrating multiple paid promotion platforms• Community FundSmart Contracts reserves 5% of total sales for Community Fund. • Launch NFT giveaways10 Unique NFTS will be given away in discord raffle. Participants must be following both Instagram and twitter accounts and actively engaging in our discord. • Organic Marketing GrowthPool team resources to create a massive awareness to the mainstream market• Celebrity, & Influencer PartnershipsPartnerships with celebrities and influencers like @CashDaGreat (Partner) @CaliZoe (Promoter) @Jimmy_Smacks (Promoter) and many more!• 16 Ultra Rare Living Kingz reserved for public sale• 600 Whitelist spots givenPhase #2 Q1 2022Start: Mint Day- Public600 white listers are given minting access 24 fours before public mint. Public Mint: RevealThe remaining 1000 NFTS are revealed on opea sea, rarible etc. Community Fund formed for everyone in the inner circle 24 hours after mint. Burning Stage Begins: Up to 20% of supply could be burned. Post Reveal: Sold OutAfter sold out 5% of community fund will be re distributed to holders$100,000 will be invested into decentralized land. Post: Land PurchaseBuild LKC Compound in the meta verse. AR Play to earn games with customable nft wearablesVI amusement park built within compound yardArt Museum for NFT purchase and display (open sea integrated)Virtual Community Center for Financial EducationOne lucky holder will receive $50,000 towards their start upPhase 3 Q2 20221. StakingThe Living Kingz Club Holders will be able to stake the NFTS in exchange for $VXI Token whish is tethered to the project. This Token can be used for a plethora of utilities. These will be accessible through use of this token2. Land in MetaverseUpon sell out, we will use a portion of the funds to acquire plots of land in the metaverse. This includes {but is not limited to) decentraland, The Sandbox, Upland, and Atlas Earth. This land will be available to our holders as personal plots of intellectual property. We will also use 5% of total sales for community reserve funds, in order to continue purchasing more land for each one of our holders. 3. Dapp AssetsOur Living Kingz Club NFT holder will be able to customize their NFT avatars in the meta verse with rare interchangeable and upgradable features. This begins the start of the Living Kingz Club utility. Phase 4 Q3-4 2022Play to earn Gaming: dApp1. Defi appWe will be creating a play to earn game. $XVI token can be used with play to earn, and stake to earn nft capabilities. We plan to be a star IP in the metaverse with multiple cross chain integrations coming Q4 20222. RewardsAll $XVI powered games will earn back rewards. Playing games can earn you rewards of up to 50% of any expected losses. Win or lose youll earn. 3. OwnershipAll Living Kingz club holders who have either held or staked their NFT through Q4 will earn ownership in our DAO. This means you can stake your $XVI to govern the treasury, vote on proposals and even earn yield. The Team@LiveLikeKingz (Founder)@CashDaGreat (Partner)@TheSunsGoddess (Artist)Elevated Mind (Developer)Que 40 (Discord Builder)Mao Yoo (Creative Director)Brandy King (Crypto & NFT Guru)Usman Kayani ( Tokenomics Expert)Mission StatementLKC was created by a team of Serial Entrepreneurs, NFT Experts, Marketing Wizards, and Artists from all over the world. We spread from South America, North America, Canada, the Caribbean, and even in China. Our team is committed to innovation while being transparent, active, and above all prioritizing the members in our community

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