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Little Bulls Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Little Bulls Club is about a collection of 3,500 NFTs Each one with different and rare properties.The future of Little Bulls Club is still under development, but we have a good sense of what we want to accomplish for this community Birth / Little Bulls Club Stage 1 Mint price 0.005 ETH Max+500 Little BullsIncrease in social networksSmall collaborations Breeding / Little Bulls Club Stage 2 Mint price 0.01 ETH Max+1000 = 1500 Little BullsPublic / Holders giveawaysEvents Holders- Maturity / Little Bulls Club Stage 3 Mint price 0.025 ETH Max+1000 = 2500 Little BullsHolders Giveways (Events, discounts, Nfts Giveaway…) Old age / Little Bulls Club Stage 4 Mint price 0.05 ETH+1000 = 3,500 Little BullsHolders Giveways (Events, discounts, Nfts Giveaway…) Oldest and dearest holders will receive NFTs from future collections.

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