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Lions of Zathena Gen 1 Elders Drop

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

1,111 Generative Lions are coming to the Ethereum chain. Pre-Sale Early Lions Whitelist Mint on 2/22/22Public Mint 2/23/22This project is funded by Michael Isbell aka Zadan.eth in the Metaverse with the intent to provide the best possible value for holders and continue to give them reasons to stay while creating enticing and alluring reasons to sell as well. As a developer and creator first, we have the foundation and marketing strategy to ensure long-term growth with our community as we build our pride! We are lions because the founder believes in the symbolism of what a lion represents – a leader. Not someone that wins by tearing down other projects, but by sharing its own merits and value with the world.We look forward to growing this community together – come check out how you can benefit from being a Zathenian Lion holder! There will be breeding, DAO governance tokens, juicy grub utility tokens, sandbox integration, comic book and animated series, our own video game, and future partnerships with other games to provide maximum value for your lion!We aim to promote a high-energy culture by raising the vibes of our tribe. In order to inspire a community that embraces people helping people philosophy.

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