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Linda Take Me Back

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Want to help Bullford win his Farmschool sweetheart back? Join in and help Bullford reach his ultimate goal to WIN LNDA BACK!’u2028’u2028Linda Take Me Back is a collection of 8888 individual, programatically generated NFT’s. Each of our bulls is generated from over 170 hand drawn traits which vary in rarity. Bullford resides on the Ethereum blockchain, he represents good intentions that sometimes backfire and leave us in a worse position than imagined, yet never giving up in pursuit of our goals. If you score one of our bulls with a certain ultra rare trait you will be inaugurated to our New Farm Order, where you will be able to participate in our meetings and provide your input regarding future collections, different utilities and receive rewards! We also offer incentives to our first 500 discord members, don’t miss out!’u2028’u2028Our goal is to build a community that takes active part in our future. This future depends on YOU! Helps us win Linda back and build one of the best communities behind any NFT project!Some of our milestones are:10% – Airdrop a total of 10 bulls to 10 random wallets20% – Open the VIP room for verified holders40% – Establish a community wallet and transfer 10 ETH60% – New Farm Order gets established – bulls with the Illuminati Robe get to join the New Farm Order, and become an integral part of our decision making during our weekly meetings80% – Merch Shop Opens – WEN LINDA? hoodies, caps, t-shirts and more! 1 free item is sent to New Farm Order bulls100% – After our 1st bull run is complete we will: ‘u2028- look into bull staking, release our second collection, which current holders get free of charge, purchase a plot in sandbox where you’ll be able to flex your bull and hopefully win Linda back!

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