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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The earth edition mandala collection from lewdala is a randomly generated series of images that shows the earth as it turns from a lush green landscape to a fiery crust and eventually grey dust, void of life and colour.Each randomly generated edition has 3 stages of life, 15 layers of colour and 5 crucial elementsThe 3 stages of life:The living green mandala is the most sought after variation, with the earth strong, healthy and green.The fiery red mandala is in a dangerous phase with the earth heating up and everything starting to burn.The deathly grey mandala is when we have gone too far to return and the earth has no life or colour left.The 15 layers of colour:The heat rises and forces the temperature to rise, right to the core. will you get a healthy green planet or will your planet have started burning and becoming void of life and colour?The 5 crucial elements:The tree of lifeThe burning flameThe deathly skullThe lewdala logoThe ethereum logoWe need the earth to stay healthy for the continuation of the human race and everything around us, so we are bringing the earth edition nft art series to you with the promise of donating money towards re:wild.

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