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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We’d like to present to you our community called the Lepros.I know what you’re thinking… small ginger bearded dudes with green hats! Nah, we’re here to show up and revolutionize an old character & their story into something new. Styled from the lil Irish dudes we all know very well, but so much more!To gain freedom from a centralized world where their golden treasures continued to lose value, the leprechauns evaded to a decentralized community-run world where they now store their treasures in crypto coins & NFTs. These leprechauns have united and formed a new community of rules where they are better knowns as Lepros.Lepros are a new civilization of 10,000 unique hand drawn and non-fungible Irish inspired characters. All Lepros bring luck, but some are rarer than others bringing added mystery and treasures.The Lepros left their land in a hurry to the metaverse and they need the community to help them start their new life through roadmap activations like the Rainbow Pot Project, Lepro Airdrops, Merch, Animated Series and more.HODL an Irish inspired mischievous Lepro, historically considered as a token with great luck.We would love for you to join the Lepros Fam.

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