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Legendary Graded Shadowless and Base Shadowless by BossLogic x Ethernity Chain

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Kode Abdo, aka BossLogic, has partnered with Ethernity Chain Community to create 2500 exclusive pieces of art. There will be Bosslogic’s first official personalized NFTs. BossLogic is a graphic designer and digital artist from Australia. He is famous for his work with Disney, Marvel Studios, and other major companies. The artist has made a great number of artworks including comic book covers, official movie posters, etc. By the way, BossLogic is one of the most prolific artists in the NFT space. He has sold $3. 6 million worth of NFTs to crypto collectors in February alone. The Ethernity Chain community members can take part in an NFT auction via an online competition on the 7th of March. 1/1 Legendary Graded Shadowless Bosslogic — Auction (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) — starting price 3. 45 ETH2500 Editions Base Shadowless Bosslogic: Price per NFT: 0. 299 ETHIt’s gonna be a high-profile release! No exaggeration!

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