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Lazy Tiger Wood Club – Presale: 2 January 08:00 PM UTC

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Join our public presale now!We are doing a public presale of only 250 OG Lazy Tiger Wood Club NFTs on January 2nd. For those who are on time, these NFTs can be minted for a lower price than our official launch on January 7th. The presale funds will be used for marketing to get as much attention as possible for the official launch. Click here to join our Discord and enter our OG presale now! >>Holder benefitsHolders can participate in events, get exclusive access to the LTWC community and will get notified about the best NFT projects out there, and make passive income with their LTWC NFTs. Check out our website for more holder benefits and a detailed roadmap. – We give away$100K in ETH to one lucky Lazy Tiger Wood Club holderAbout Lazy Tiger Wood ClubLazy Tiger Wood Club is a collection of 10. 000 unique, randomly generated Tiger Humanoids adventuring on the Ethereum blockchain. Every LTWC NFT is unique and made from over 80+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear. They are all made with love, but some are rarer than others. When you buy an LTWC NFT, you not only own a cool . JPEG, but you also get access to our great events, own the commercial rights, and automatically participate in our monthly giveaways. A good reason not to just take a screenshot!More information >>

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