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LAST THOUGHT by Adam Priester

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Adam Priester is a Houdini Designer and Artist born in Germany and raised in Sweden. His vision and unique style were appreciated by Nike, IBM, Netflix, Ikea, and other brands he had a chance to work with. Adam is passionate about finding the right balance between technology and art. All his artworks are always breathtaking and very atmospheric. The artist is dropping 8 fully animated pieces with unique soundscapes on the Nifty Gateway today. The artworks within LAST THOUGHT are “created with a procedural, completely custom, self-developed workflow consisting of ~1200 nodes” – writes Adam on Twitter. It’s not the first appearance of the artist in the NFT space. He has already sold his masterpieces at 12 ETH and 13 ETH. Let’s see how things will turn out today!

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