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Kurt Cobain’s ‘The Last Session’ Photoshoot by Jesse Frohman

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

World-famous photographer Jesse Frohman is breaking into the NFT space with an exclusive NFT drop. On May 3rd, he will release the shots from the last Kurt Cobain’s photoshoot that took place in July 1993. Titled ‘The Last Session’, the NFT collection will feature more than 100 pictures of Nirvana’s frontman. Some of the shots have never-before-seen, so this collection is a unique opportunity to find out something about the legend after years. “Everyone was doing an individual picture here, an individual picture there, maybe a group of three here, but I wanted to do something that other people hadn’t done before,” Jesse Frohman says in his interview for Rolling Stone. “It’s something so special that won’t be offered again. ” Starting bid for the complete NFT collection of 104 iconic photos – 27. 27 ETH. There are also ‘Nevermind’ Editions that feature 10 unique quadriptychs of Kurt Cobain images (starting bid – 2. 7 ETH), and ‘In Utero’ Editions that feature 20 unique images from The Last Session photoshoot (starting bid – 1 ETH). All of the images are really iconic! By the way, Jesse Frohman will donate a portion of the proceeds to the JED Foundation. Find the sail details via this link. And the drop to your calendar not to miss when it goes live!

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