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Knightdom: Evolved

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Knightdom Evolved is 7777 unbelievable NFT’s shaking the minds of the entire crypto community. AAA game developers and marketing specialists with huge background united to create the best P2E game on Solana.01. OutbreakTo begin with, our team will prepare all our social media platforms for high traffic and entice newcomers to Knightdom. Then we will start our marketing campaign to be noticed by as many people as possible eager to know more about us after hearing about us. Last but not least we will work along with the community to invite people more.-New website-Complete collection of 7777 incredible Knights-Fully prepared social media-Working with community-Marketing line02. MINTThanks to our developers and the experience we got, the load on our servers has been optimized. Thus Mint will pass smoothly without delays. When the sale starts, we will publish a link in our discord. Just after your transactions, everyone will receive a high-quality render of a knight worthy of various rarities, including relic ones.03. THE GAMEKnightdom game is an advanced feature game that will be built through Unreal Engine 5. This is where you will finally be able to meet all the Knightdom members and test your skills in action. The game will allow its participants to integrate all collections of the Knightdom universe and conduct team and spectacular battles directly online. You’ll be able to create your clans, find friends and implement all your tactical ideas directly in the game. Then Unreal Engine 5 game engine will allow you to feel the outstanding level of graphics and get a good 360 degrees look at your knights.04. COINHow can our economic system work without coin? It is with our coin that you will be able to trade in the as well as receive prizes. Due to its constant use, we will be able to maintain the course. You will also be able to invest in it to make a profit. Also, do not forget that we will be able to use the coin in our metaverse, which will further affect the overall future of our project.05. MetaverseOur ultimate goal is not only to create our own game and coin but also to integrate Knightdom into the general metaverse or create our own. Our entire team sees our project as more than just another NFT collection and UE5 game. We see Knightdom as a whole world that will evolve with dense technology allowing people to immerse themselves in Knightdom as a virtual world. We are confident that we can create a virtual infrastructure, a market economy, and a culture for our Knights. One day you will come home, connect with us, and be able to experience a second life with Knightdom.

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