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Kama Chameleons – Launching March 4th

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Comprising of 3,750 Kama’s in Chapter One, the Kama Chameleons NFT collection is the intersection of the blockchain and physical artwork world, as a cross-medium project.Public Sale:9th MarchSupply:3,750 in Chapter OneWL:Almost fullBuilt by a team of experts at KamaLabs, the project offers three unique world-first utilities, as well as a promise to do good where we can, through charitable donations. The 3,750 unique computer-generated artworks are created from over 225 hand-drawn properties, with over 140 million possible combinations.Key highlights:World First – Create to EarnA create-to-earn utility rewarding the most creative Kama Chameleon holders with their own custom ERC-20 token, that can be converted into their local currency.World First – Truly Community Powered CollectionThe second world-first utility is the fact that this project is completely community-controlled.Other utilities & benefits:- No grind world-first WL system- Kama Clan Collectibles- The Experiment Mutation- Do Good, Feel Good- Kamalabs Pass- Sancturary Metaverse Integration- Giveaways, including free NFTsPlus much more!Join the Discord for early access & more information!

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